Breathe metal nose strip – BOND-HARDWARE / ID- Bracelet – BOND-HARDWARE */
faux leather cap -ASOS / Longline Sweater – ADYN / Skirt Panel Shorts – eBay/
Tier Zero Nike Air Max – Net-a-Porter 
The rings in this outfit are from Joshua Hall – an Australian jewellery designer who makes the most awesome mens rings – I seriously want them all, they’re really well priced and stainless steel so don’t turn your fingers green like all the stuff from Topman etc. You can check out his store here.
I’m also in love with my Bond-Hardware metal nose strip, I think you either love it or you hate it? Or that’s the impression that i’ve had off everyone so far… haha but I love it so I don’t care! The Rick Owens-esque skirt shorts are also a dream come true. 
I’m currently flat hunting in London and it’s like a game, today we viewed a place that got listed online at 3pm on a sunday. By the time we viewed it at 7pm, we fell in love, said we’d take it and by 8pm we got told it was already taken by people who viewed it before us. It was this time last year that I was flat hunting here too and I forgot how ‘on the ball’ you have to be. Tomorrow is a full day of viewings so fingers crossed…..!
How’s your weekend been?