Hey guys! Happy Sunday! It’s pouring down with rain outside, a far cry from the sunshine that we had last week here in London. Fortunately though I squeezed in a quick outfit shot yesterday when it wasn’t rainging with my friend Patrick. I took on the role of photographer for most of the day actually as I was shooting him for House of Holland. Amongst the pieces was this Black Biker jacket with orange zips, the sleeves were like that of a bomber jacket too! I don’t know if you saw on my Instagram but I actually went to see the presentation of this collection at the start of June. What I didn’t realise is that it’s not SS16 it was actually being released almost immediately after the show! I saw this jacket during the show and thought it was beautiful and it’s just as perfect in real life. 
If you’ve watched my vlogs/known me for awhile you’ll know that I love Black clothing but also with accents of orange! Like this sweater (see here)! Anyway since the jacket has loads of detail I went for an all black outfit so as to not distract from the jacket and I even swapped out the white laces of my grasp boots for black ones. 
What do you think of this look?