Photography by Mikko Puttonen
Parallel Tee – ADYN*
Dungarees – ASOS*
Pascal Boots – Dr.Martens*
Hey guys, Hope you’ve had a lovely week! Yesterday was so sunny here in London so me, Mikko and Dodo went to chill out in a park along the river Thames. I can’t get over how good the weather has been to us recently. I decided to finally crack out the Dungarees that I got the other week. I’ve never worn dungarees before let alone short dungarees!? I did feel a bit like a gay prostitute but after I got over that I actually really like them haha. I think the longsleeve tee underneath is necessary simply because I’m so pale and have really skinny arms. I could maybe wear a short T-shirt with them after doing some push ups for the next few months…. haha!
It’s quite funny because as soon as the UK sees a bit of sun everyone has their tops off and their legs out and I indeed have hopped on the bandwagon and flashed my pasty legs for all to see. I never tan, I only burn so it doesn’t really matter to me what shade of white my legs are haha. Everyone always talks about tan and how tanned they are but I really don’t even notice tan on others. My boyfriend loves being tanned but I would still love him if he was paler than me – It really doesn’t matter. 
Mikko is an amazing photographer and all of these images are awesome, Thank you Mikko! ^__^ 
Check out his blog here.
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Have a great day!