Happy Friday! A quick outfit post from what I wore to work yesterday, my friend Tom took these for me during our lunch break – do you know how awkward it is to take photos inside Westfield!? aha It was raining so much outside but I really liked this outfit and wanted to show you guys.
This Musee Noir essential hoody has two hoods and a cowl neck which at first feels really odd because I don’t have a lot of things with such an open neck but you slowly begin to realise how comfortable and cosy it is. I think next time I’ll wear it with some skinny denim jeans and sneakers.
If you have me on snapchat or twitter ( username Gallucks) you’ll know that I thought I looked like a Vampire Hunter. I also got called a Jedi Knight and from behind like an Anime Villain. I love looking like fantasy character so much haha! Imagine a crossbow or some form of giant magical weapon!? haha. What do you think I look like?!
Anyway I hope you have had a great week – I’m heading to Manchester this evening for my boyfriends birthday! I’m really excited and looking forward to getting away from London for a couple of days – sometimes you just need a break, you know? 
Anyways yes as always, any questions – ask away! 🙂