How’s everyones weekend been? I’ve had such a good week, my boyfriends here visiting and I’ve had a couple of days of work. It’s so relaxing to wake up whenever you want. I also went to see Cirque De Soleil on Friday and it was AMAZING! I recommend you go and see it if you can 🙂 unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside but you can see videos on youtube. Check out the ‘Wheel of Death’.
Blah blah blah, Enough about my life! This outfit is so comfortable – Skirts make you feel so free haha. But also it’s quite cold right now so I probably should’ve worn a pair of leggings with this. You know if you’d said to me when I was growing up that I would be wearing a skirt when I’m 22 and not give it a second thought I wouldn’t have believed you. This Ada + Nik skirt look a bit like shorts and the fabrics are clean cut and strong, I think all these elements make it a really masculine piece. It seamlessly fits into my wardrobe and I really enjoy changing things up a bit. Of course my Represent pieces keep popping back up just because of how good quality they are and how much I enjoy wearing them. 
What do you think of the man – skirt?