A Guide to Wardrobe Curation

Curate : Select, organize and look after the items in a collection or exhibition.

Your wardrobe is a universe, each item has its own story, how it was designed, what inspired its design, where it comes from, how it was made, what it represents. At the center of your universe should be the sun, right?
  • Black Skinny Jeans
  • Black Oversized Tee
  • Grey Skinny Biker Jeans
Basics are like the starting point for any outfit, you take one or two and then you can build the rest.

I think the first time i decided to ‘curate’ my wardrobe was around 2008/2009. I was still at college and i had grown tired of the clothes i wore, they didn’t feel like me anymore, i was looking for something, i didn’t really know what it was and to be honest i felt a bit lost. I decided to hit the problem head-on and went through every single item in my wardrobe and put them into sections of Keep/Maybe/Never. I then carefully went through the maybe pile and ended up placing most of it with the ‘never’ pile which all got bagged up and given to charity. I was left with clothes that i actually LIKED and WANTED to wear. Okay so there was less variety in my outfits but clothes are there to be worn. Think of clothes like investments. If you’re gonna be sporting the garment on your back for years to come, you should really take some time and think about it right?
Before you purchase anything you need to think of the important things;
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Do i feel comfortable in it?
  • Will i wear it?
  • What else can i wear it with?
  • Do i love it?

These questions usually come into my head when thinking about any item of clothing. I think too many of us spend too much money on items that end up staying in our wardrobe because it doesn’t ‘go’ with anything.

After years of curating and thinking before i purchase something i can proudly say i can take any pair of trousers/bottoms + any top + any jacket from my wardrobe and it will ‘go’ together. Plus i’d feel completely comfortable and happy in it.

I could go on for ages about this in terms of palettes/seasons/gender. But i feel like this post has gone on too long haha.

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