Giant In My Heart

Long Line T-shirt – ASOS / Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman / Longline Plaid Shirt – Yesstyle /
 Garuda Blake Backpack – Lost Mannequin/ Coltrane Boots – Jeffrey Campbell 
I hardly ever wear my Coltrane boots, mainly because they’re a pain to walk around in and I got the oxblood ones that
slowly wear away to reveal a red boot >__< So I keep painting over them with black leather paint haha I did a video actually of me painting over them you can see it on my youtube (here). – it’s not very interesting but I was experimenting with my new camera. I love tying this shirt around my waist, because it so long it kind of comes across like a maxi skirt – which is awesome. 
I really want to find a similar shirt but black and grey, but I’ve gotta say I do enjoy the one natural toned piece in my wardrobe.
I’m currently sat on the train to London and the guy in the shop carriage keeps coming over the intercom with some random poem about 
Virgin trains and food U____U like it’s cute but it’s happened twice already and I’m over it now. I’m really excited to meet up with my friends and eat loads of awesome food, so more food posts on the way I guess, anyone got any recommendations for London restaurants/cafes? On a side note I can’t stop listening to Sia – Chandelier and I love how Maddie from Dance Moms is in the video ^.^ aha. 
How is your Sunday going? 

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