Photography by Tom Buck (Instagram/Website)
Hey guys! Hows your week been so far? I decided to double denim and go all out grey. It’s funny because I’m so pale and this outfit just highlights how pale I am haha. I really love these Calvin Klein denim shorts though, they’re just the right length and feel really flattering? I don’t know if they are but I feel good when I wear them so that’s what matters!
Also my denim jacket from Forever 21 which was like less than £20 is an incredible investment, I really want to distress it too but I need some kind of sandpaper tool that I’ve seen people use on YouTube so hopefully I’ll be able to do this too and show you! 
My friend Tom took these pictures and I’m so happy with them! I’m heading to Wildlife festival this weekend in Brighton – I did want to Vlog the entire festival but I’m really worried about my camera etc. so add me on snapchat (username – gallucks) and follow me on Instagram/Twitter to keep up with what I get up to! 
Have a great weekend 🙂