The Future

The Best Boots in the World

Leather Panel Leggings

The Best Boots in the World, I’m very much in love. This week has been very surreal, I’ve only been into University 2 days of this week, the rest has been spent lounging around, being a typical student, it’s rather fun. England is so stupid when it comes to snow, we get a little bit and the entire nation comes to standstill, it’s hilarious really. Manchester seems so far away right now, as soon as i have my own laptop I’ll be posting alot more regularly and revealing alot more DIY’s from over the past few weeks. Anyway! These boots make me so happy, I could have got them in brown, black or white but I figured I have so many black things already and i wanted them to stand out, the black laces look nice on the white leathery/pvc, each lace is attached by a metal D-ring, the details are wonderful considering the boots actually zip up at the side. These images are just a few picked out from the past few weeks, leggings are a great alternative to trousers/jeans or a great layering piece, I’ve been wearing them alot recently even underneath trousers especially because of the colder weather. Guys shouldn’t be afraid of wearing leggings, they’re the future.