Future Love

Cat Eye Sunglasses – ASOS

So it’s summer and i realised I HAVE NO SUNGLASSES. Sunglasses are such a big part of fashion and style, not being able to see the persons eyes adds a sophistication, a mystery, it makes the person an enigma, something we wish to discover the truth behind. I know this all sounds very silly but it’s true! If you look a pictures of Celebrities and Runway shows, the finishing touch of a pair of sunglasses really brings the whole outfit to a new level, imagine it without the sunglasses, they just add something. Of course I’m not insane and the most i’d pay for sunglasses is about £20, does that make me cheap? I’m not sure haha. My current favourite pair are a pair of Alexander Wang Cat Eye sunglasses, the cat eye is a classic ’50s staple and modern designers have brought them into the 21’st century by exaggerating the shape or by using different patterned frames eg.leopard print. I think Sunglasses have become more than just to protect your eyes from the sun but a shield or a way of hiding your emotion, also an extension of your personal style, from candy coated shades (seen in Katy Perrys ‘California Gurls’ Video) to ones completely made of Cigarettes ( Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ Video), Sunglasses are certainly an essential piece for this summer, hence why i bought a pair of £10 Faux – Wang Cat Eye shades of ASOS. (Big Smile)