Friends Like These

Uno De Nosotros Tee – Givenchy
Jeans – Topshop
Platform Converse – ASOS
Belt – ASOS
Bag – Replica Alexander Wang
Knuckles Iphone Case
Tetris Leggings – Black Milk
I Love being back in Manchester, i get to spend time with all the people i love and miss while i’m down south. I’ve only got less than two weeks left up here though! My friend Danielle in the tetris leggings has gone to South Korea for a year as of last sunday, i miss her already
I had the most amazing shoot with Tessa Burton, Joshua Cooper and Jade Clark the other day, i also had some Roberto Piqueras brought up especially for the shoot! I loved every second of it, can’t wait to see the final images. Then in the evening me and my boyfriend went for our 1 year anniversary meal ^_^ it was such a good day.
How is everyone doing? 
PS. do you like my gifs?! Im trying something new with them (again) haha lots of inspiration taken from FASHGIF !