Freaking Friday (Not exactly)

My lack of blogging has been for good reasons! haha I’ve been so weighed down with college work, audition preparation, actual work, seeing friends and going out! I haven’t had a lot of time to spare recently. I think once March is over I will have abit more spare time, March has been so hectic and my driving test is soon oh god! Anyway I hope you’re not too bored and I’m guessing you want to know what’s taken my interest in the past few weeks?

Film coursework
Here are a few “Behind the Scenes” pictures taken when preparing for my short film piece. When I figure out how to upload my film, I’ll post it on here straight away! haha

(All Pictures Taken by Joshua Cooper)

Vogue Hommes Japan Issue 4

I’m in love with Editorial shot by Josh Olins, Lady Gaga’s Stylist Nicola Formichetti also worked on this, he must have such an amazing job, travelling the world making things look beautiful. This isn’t just Fashion, It’s art.
(Sourced from Nicola Formichetti’s Blog)

Alice Dellal – Vogue

“Punk Princess” Alice Dellal is beautiful but I bet that hair will be a bitch to grow back. Haha.
(Sourced from Fashionising.com)

Alexander Mcqueens Last Collection

Every piece in this collection has been carefully thought out and executed with excellence, nothing about it is boring. Mcqueen truly brought something amazing to the fashion industry and it’s such a shame to think we cannot behold anymore of his creations. This regal collection is more than enough to remind us of what this world has lost one of it’s most incredible designers and no one will ever fill that space.

I don’t think words can even describe how good this video is.