Freaking First Post Friday

I’ve started a Blogspot to write more in-depth posts on anything I’m interested in. So every Freaking Friday I’m going to do a post about my favourite things i’ve discovered or fell in love with that week. Hopefully I’m going to stick to this! If not you can shout at me or ask me anything on my Formspring.

First I’ll start with one of my favourite bloggers Gala Darling, who i absolutely adore. Everything she writes is the truth, her blog is about anything and everything but mostly about a positive, healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling down in the dumps or incredibly happy, there is always something you can take and really enjoy from what she writes.

Ellie Goudling , she is one of my favourite artists and has been for awhile now, winning the BBC’s Sound of 2010 she has catapulted into the mainstream recently winning a Brit Award for ‘Critics Choice’. Her Debut Album ‘Lights‘ is released on 1st March. You can read my previous Tumblog about Ellie Here.

Marina and the Diamonds , I first saw Marina at Leeds Fest’09 and she was incredible! Her on stage presence is beautiful and she’s also abit cheeky. Her Debut Album ‘The Family Jewels‘ is avaliable on 22nd February. Again you can read my previous Tumblog here.

Lady Gaga , If you live on this planet i don’t think i really need to introduce this woman, she is talented, interesting, and has a magnificent mind. Her new video for ‘Telephone’, her second collaboration with Beyoncé is out at the end of this month, here’s a sneak peek.

Love Magazine , Issue 3 is out now and the editorials are beautiful. It has 8 different covers. I purchased the Amber Valetta Cover!

2010 , This year has only just begun and i’m already looking forward to Winter due to all the great collections on the runways. Hopefully the English weather will perk up before then so i don’t have to wear so many layers all the time!

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I have to go get ready for work now, remember that you are your own person, be true to yourself and do whatever makes you feel happy! Participate in Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love I know i am! I’ll post a picture of my Self Love Book soon, until next time.

Life & Death,