Photography by Mikko Puttonen

This post is in collaboration with 7 For All Mankind

Wearing Slimmy FOOLPROOF Classic Indigo (here)

Hey guys, how’s it going? I’m back this week with a very exciting collaboration between me and 7 For All Mankind. 7fam if you didn’t know – is a denim brand that is highly regarded within the industry (and my family) for sophisticated, innovative denim. They’ve just launched a new luxury denim range called FoolProof which as the name suggests is indeed, FoolProof.

Now it takes me a very long time to find a pair of denim jeans that both fit and feel good. I spend hours in the changing rooms dedicating whole days to finding the perfect pair of jeans. If you’re lucky you finally find the winning pair and rejoice in the fact that you won’t have to go through this whole ordeal again for awhile. Only to find out that once you’ve worn them, washed them a couple of times or dried them in the dryer that they have now changed shape. That snug fit that you tried on in the store, the fit that was just right for you has simply disappeared. This happens to me all the time and it does get extremely annoying – however, this is where FoolProof changes the game entirely.

7fam have been working on this foolproof type of denim that has little to no growth in the wearing and zero shrinkage when washing. No matter how much you wear them, how many times you wash/dry them – they will not change shape. Cost wise they’re around £180 which may seem steep at first but when you think about denim and how much wear you get out of it, considering this denim wont be changing anytime soon I definitely think it’s something worth investing in.

It’s quite satisfying wearing a pair of good quality denim jeans, I turned them up at the bottom to show a bit of ankle and went for casual vibes in a grey longline hoodie,black bomber jacket and some plain white sneakers. My friend Mikko (who took these pictures) always pokes fun at me and how ‘dope’ I look, when in fact I don’t think I look ‘dope’ at all, I just think I look comfortable.

If you’d like to have a proper look at the whole 7 For All Mankind FoolProof range then you can see it (here). Keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel (here) for an exciting video coming that shows just how foolproof these jeans are. As always thank you for reading and thank you to the 7fam team for collaborating with me on this. If you do have any questions please do leave a comment or get in touch with me either way.

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