FOG x Pacsun Alternatives

Photography by Tom Buck

What I’m Wearing

Cream Half Zip Hoodie – FOG x Pacsun (Similar here)

Black Shorts and Leggings – Boom Bap (click here)

Triple White Ultra Boost – Adidas (click here)

My favourite location at Joshua Tree National Park was the Skull Rock trail, I wore my creme half zip and boom bap shorts with leggings. Needless to say my Triple White ultra boost are now ruined haha. If anyone has any cleaning tips please let me know.

I was wearing my Fog x Pacsun pieces a lot whilst I was in California and I get really frustrated that I can’t link you guys to any of them because It was very limited and all sold out.  I am actually selling a couple that I doubled up on over on my depop here. But I thought I’d take this change to group together some similar looking pieces that I know of and present them to you guys. So scroll down to see all the alternatives and let me know if this is helpful/if you want to buy any!

Cream Zip Hoodie



Grey Trackpants


Striped Tees/Mock Neck Sweatshirt


Bomber Jackets


Cream/Camo Shorts


Oversized Hoodie/ Metallica Hoodie