Leather Cap – ASOS/Essential Sweater – ADYN/Creature Sweatpants – Christopher Kane / 574 New Balance – ASOS

Dislike my face in this picture but whatever, my blogs about clothes and food, not about my face. Londons been beautiful the past couple of days but now I fear it’s getting cold again, I actually went to work in shorts yesterday haha (here). It’s the easter weekend and my good friend Amy is coming to stay with me! ^.^ I love showing people around and taking them to eat at all the places I love, also to try new places too! It’s easy to get stuck in a routine here so It’s good to change things up once in a while. That can’t really be said for my outfits though because yet again, black sweater, black hat, black trainers but WHAT’S THIS?! Oh yeah awesome sweatpants. 

I love Christopher Kane womenswear and I’m so glad that his menswear is actually good (not such a fan of AW14 atm but we’ll breeze past that). His SS15 mens is awesome but what I really look for in each season is a piece that I can wear all year round, something that I will pick up in a couple of months and be like yaaaaay clothes! Most colourful pieces seem to fade into the background as each season passes, swept up in the whirlwind of trends etc.

The print of the sweatpants comes from Universal x Christopher Kane based on old horror movies, this one I think is from Creature of the Black Lagoon, there was a matching hoody which looked great but I didn’t fancy the monsters face enough. When I opened them up I thought they were like some incredibly rare grey meat. :3 (I’m weird I know). But yeah I think they’re awesome and so comfortable because they’re sweatpants (duh).

Also those New balances are reflective xD which is the best thing EVER!

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