Festival Style with River Island

Festival Style with River Island

This Post is in Collaboration with River Island.

What I’m Wearing in this post

Yellow Studio Hoodie (click here)

Uknown Future Tee (click here)

Black Denim Jacket (click here)

Sunglasses (click here)

Black Western Shorts (click here)

Orange Infinite Tee (click here)

Sports Socks (click here)

There is nothing better than the feeling of excitement when planning to go to a festival with your mates, come rain or shine you know you’re in for one hell of a weekend. Me, Mike, Joey and Ali all headed to Wildlife Festival with the guys from River Island (here) a couple of weekends ago and I had the best time – not sure if you saw my vlog of the whole weekend but you can check it out here.

Aside from great music, good food and non stop banter another really important factor of festivals these days is festival style. British festivals are so so different to American festivals – like Coachella for example, you can’t really compare glasto to Coachella because they’re completely different scenes. Alright Beyonce might headline both but the crowds that attend are complete opposites. I’m not saying that you should swerve your style to fit in with whichever festival you’re going to but weather conditions are a big player in what you should take with you.

Fortunately Widlife is a 2 day festival – no camping and it’s right next to Brighton city airpot meaning it’s not very muddy, chances are that the weather is always on point and there might be a slight bit of wind considering how close to the sea it is. So I’m going to walk you through my festival looks via the lookbook below and how I dress for whatever the festival might throw at me. (literally).


Longsleeve Tee for the chills of windy Brighton, reflective sunglasses because why not? The ripped denim shorts to show off my super pale pins teamed with white sports socks and hi-tops. I also have a denim jacket to hand for when the sun goes down – festivals can get super chilly so always have a layer to hand. Incase you think your beer blanket might be enough to warm you up that is. ( FYI I don’t condone drinking alcohol in excess – please drink responsibly.)

Off to see Mura Masa and all I had in that bag was a portable phone charger and my wallet – I promise. 

Here’s me looking pretty cheery on the side of a ride – this yellow Studio hoodie is by far my favourite piece that i wore the whole weekend, it’s nice and oversized and the print is spot on. Also when you don’t want to wear it  or carry it you can let your daft mates wear it – like Ali Gordon who forgot to bring a jacket so nabbed this off me for a bit. Perfect. 

I think the sun and wind had gotten to me here – finding solace in the inside of my hood though. 

lads lads lads – I like how we all have completely different styles but get on so well – also why am I the only one with a drink?

Top Summer festival tip – Suncream, lots and lots of sun cream. You should see the burn lines on my neck, it is not pretty haha. 

Here I am feeling like an absoulte don infront of the fairground rides, I remember it was playing some kind of Star Wars theme tune and I was very very confused. 

Bright colours are also a good shout at festivals A – so your mates can see you in a crowd and B- you can really have fun with your style at festivals and try out new things, try some new colours, new shapes, if it looks awful you can just blame it on the alcohol or say it was fancy dress. A nod to Stranger Things, River Islands Unknown future tee was my tee of choice for the weekend – also a great conversation starter which I think is also important for festival outfits. It’s a great idea to wear something relatable, ironic or have something worth talking about because guess what? The phone signal at festivals is awful and tinder definitely won’t load. Believe me – I tried. A lot.

In these last two images I’m looking very confused or concerned but I’m happy about the outfits. Whether you choose to go bright, understated, ripped, shorts or vests whatever you decide just make sure there’s an element of practicality – tiny bum bags, hoodies, long sleeved tees. Basically prepare yourself for anything that could possibly come your way and you’ll be fine. 

Thanks for reading this rambling lookbook, as always if you have any questions you can ask below or on any of my social media accounts =x=You can check out my feature on the River Island site here.