Photgraphy by Tom Buck

Grey Hoodie – Fog x Pacsun

  Grey Shorts – Fog x Pacsun

Adidas Tubular Doom – ASOS*

Fear of God is a brand that I sort of obsess over but with the price point being so high I generally can’t afford anything, that’s why when Jerry Lorenzo announced that he would be collaborating with American retailer Pacsun I knew I had a chance to finally cop some Fog pieces. The collaboration sits well within the brands aesthetic, the only difference between the full price fog and the pacsun collab being the materials used and some key pieces eg Denim, Coats.

The Pacsun collab feels younger almost , probably because that’s what the collab was all about, allowing younger fans (me, young? aha) to gain access to the brand so that they can fully relate to it. There was a bit of a mishap with international shipping on the day of release which I was majorly bummed out about. I’d waited for months until (part of) the collection finally dropped, only to find out that when I added a few items to my basket I was unable to check out with international shipping because those specific items were ‘not available for international shipping’. Let’s just say I was quite dissappointed but hey, they’re only clothes.

A week or so later (after venting my outrage on Twitter with a couple of other international fog fans) Pacsun sent out an email comfirming that the Fog collab was now available for international shipping! I think it was the quickest I’d ever moved as I simultaneously reached for my laptop and wallet, added the grey hoodie and a plaid shirt to my basket and got my order confirmation email. Done.

But yet another disappointment occurred a week later when I received an email saying my items had been shipped. It said ‘items’ when in fact the email only listed one item – the grey hoodie. I emailed the Pacsun customer service who basically said that there wasn’t any stock of the plaid shirt left so they couldn’t send it. Bearing in mind international shipping isn’t cheap, so alone the hoodie was around £70 and the shipping another £30 on top. Having the plaid shirt would have made it more worthwhile but ah well.

Cleverly Pacsun staggered the drops so the next time I was able to pick up the drawstring shorts that matched the hoodie – meaning another international shipping fee! woohoo!

To be honest though I never usually purchase items from America because of the customs and tax duties that you have to pay when it arrives at your front door. However Pacsun charges you upfront for all these costs – it’s called ‘borderfree’ so the amount you pay at the checkout is the final bill. This is really convenient and actually makes me want to buy more aha – I copped the Metallica t shirt from the collection a few weeks ago but still don’t have a confirmation email so well just have to wait and see!

On another note I’m really happy with the images on this post, the tubular doom go really well with the grey pieces and a big thank you to Tom for his superb photography skills and helping me climb up/down from that ledge haha.

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