Fancy ✨

Iggy, Queen of the World, has taken on the persona of Cher Horowitz from Clueless for her latest video ‘Fancy’. With Charli XCX providing the catchy chorus and Iggy stating ‘I be the I-G-GY put my name in bold’ every now and again, just to make sure we don’t forget.
The Clueless homage is perfect, there’s more hair flips than an episode of RuPauls Drag Race, the styling is on point and Iggys outfits are spot on, the plaid, the pink Chanel polo and the party outfit, with the hair! Gahhhh it’s too much. I’m so happy for Iggy she’s finally made it, come a long way since the days of PU$$Y and looks like she’s here to stay.
How many hairflips did you see?