Factory – Erik Hart x Primitive

Bartman Jumper – Ebay
Motocross Sweatpants – Jeremy Scott
Studded Boots – Ebay

Me and my friends headed back to Primitive for another exhibition by Erik Hart, the exhibition space was completely filled with survival blankets and metal structures with Eriks latest collection decorating the installation. You can see the full collection here. The space was also hooked up to a camera that was being projected in the main store. On entering we were not aware of this and burrowed into the blankets (see pictures.) Then finding out that people were watching us the whole time was quite amusing ^_^. 
We tried to get outfit pictures of us all but it was very windy as you can tell from mine! Once we’ve sorted through all the windstruck images i’ll upload everyone elses.

As the night went on everyone had abit more to drink and the Karaoke was whipped out, as you can see the lovely Randa giving us a ballad on the second to last image. Songs that were sung ranged from Mulan soundtrack, Nicki Minaj to Kate Bush.

Everyone at Primitive is really friendly and returning for a second event made me really excited about going to another! 

OH and i’m back from Spain! I’m working on a holiday post but im having problems with my memory card… something about the files being corrupt? So it might take awhile. 
In the meantime im going to continue with my London posts, there’s still loads left! On a definite backlog!
Hope you’re all okay ^_^ I have so many blogs to catch up on!