Having spent last week on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu we managed to document a couple of my outfits over there – this is (click below to see the full post)

what I wore on a day spent in the Old Town of Corfu. The River Island shirt is such a nice shape and I feel like it went really well with my textured ASOS shorts which also have an amazing cut, I was really happy with the silhouette overall. Wandering around the narrow streets filled with market stalls and tavernas eventually lead us to the Old Venetian Fortress. The background of my outfit pictures is the church of St. George near the top of the fortress – the building was breathtaking and we ended up sat looking at it for ages ( that and we were out of breath from climbing the steep hills/stairs to reach that high point!)

You can see the end of my time in Corfu over on my Youtube channel where I’m currently doing Vlogtober, where I film everyday in October  (https://www.youtube.com/user/Gallucks)
What do you think of the outfit? 🙂