In Collaboration with Forever 21 Men
Hey guys! I’ve been waiting for a long time to show you guys this collaboration – I’ve been working with Forever 21 Men for the launch of their new Mens Instagram page which you can see here. It’s been really exciting for me and I’m extremely happy to be working with such an amazing company.
With most of my readers coming from the U.S it’s also a chance for me to connect with you guys through a store that you might shop quite frequently! For my UK readers it’s a chance for you to discover Forever 21 Men and what they have to offer.
Forever 21 is one of the biggest brands in the USA with over 400 stores, here in the UK there are slowly more and more stores popping up – I went to the one on Oxford Street and all the staff were awesome and there was a great selection of menswear if you have me on snapchat ‘gallucks’ then you can watch me go shopping next time! They have a bigger selection for the US including other menswear brands. I can’t wait for the UK Menswear department to grow and have more and more fashion forward pieces for guys like us to shop.
I love these destroyed denim shorts – I’ve actually been trying to do this exact distress to some jeans recently but had no such luck! I love this effect and I’ve seen they do them in Black in the US now so I’ll be sure to get the black pair when they’re released over here. Forever 21 is so affordable it’s great for minimal styling pieces like this Black Knitted tee. 
Check out the new Menswear Instagram page and let me know what you think! do you like Forever21? Have you shopped there before? 
Have a great week guys!