Electric Chapel

I turned 19 last week, it was a really funny day, first i played in a charity netball tournament with the rest of the staff from the SU Bar, then we had our staff social involving downing dirty pints , lots of karaoke and a Jack Daniels Cowboy hat. Then on tuesday me and my housemates went to Thorpe Park! I’d never been before so i didn’t know what to expect really, it’s kind of like Alton Towers but smaller, there were hardly any queues because all the bloodsucking pests we call children were still at school. (hurray) THEN on wednesday we had a Barbeque/Houseparty at our Uni house which involved walking around in my monster slippers eating lots of food and dancing to Nicki Minaj. The pictures above are the presents off my housemates! I’d said I NEED MORE BOXERS as mine seem to disappear…. so now i have some new comfy Calvin Klein ones and the most AMAZING ring! I keep wearing it even just at home, i wont let it go. I’m driving back to Manchester tomorrow to have some birthday celebrations with my best friends and see my family, gonna post another outfit later on though, keep your eyes peeled!