Electra Heart

Bleached Denim Jacket – DIY
Explosion Tee – Virginblak
Denim shorts – Topman
Studded Loafers – Virginblak

I cannot stop listening to Marina and the diamonds. Her new album is out soon and i can’t wait. The weather has been incredible recently, i hope it stays like this. Unfortunately it will mean i’ll have to purchase some suncream because i’m so pale i just burn U_U. Afew people have mentioned my financial situation on comments etc. I dont know if people think that i’m super rich or whatever but i’m really not…. If a buy a piece of clothing it’s because i’m going to wear it for the next few years. Take my Dr.Martens or American apparel tee shirts for example, i’ve had them for nearly 4 years. If an item is expensive then it’s an investment. Unless i find it for super cheap on ebay like my creepers. If you have a question/want to say something to me then email me, don’t leave a rude commen>_<‘!