Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely week, I wanted to share this outfit that I wore to work the other day, I actually took these pictures

on my lunchbreak at work haha.  A lot of people ask me who takes my pictures and most of the time it’s just a tripod with self timer….!

I love these Culottes and they’re so warm however I did trip over them a few times, I kept having to hoist them up like a big skirt haha! But I love how they look and they’re really fun to wear. The ASOS sweater is a personal favourite, it’s mohair so it’s really furry and the white stripes balance out this outfit with the white soles on my shoes ^___^ ! I was dressed like this a few weeks ago and some drunk guy on the tube was like ‘ what the hell are you, are you a rabbi?’ then kept asking me questions about why I was wearing these clothes and that he felt sorry for me…. He was drunk at 1pm on a Saturday by himself on the underground, wearing dirty looking scruffy clothes. I just chose not to respond because people like this aren’t worth speaking to haha. I find it odd how someone can just talk to a random person and try and make them feel bad about what they’re wearing?
Ah well…. 
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Thanks so much and thanks for reading! My Facebook fan page (here) hit 1000 likes the other day I was so happy thanks so much you guys! :))