Photography by Tom Buck (Instagram/Website)

Hey guys – it’s Friday! (again?!) I feel like August is slipping through my fingers. It’s the 7th already and it’s like hold on… since when was it August?! Little life update is that I’ve applied for a new job internally at work, I’m moving house at the end of August (moving in with my friend Danielle and her two kittens!) and in going on holiday at the end of September just me and my boyfriend and I cannot WAIT!

My life’s kind of been non stop since this time last year but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m constantly working towards my own personal goals and trying to make a better life for myself, never give up!

Anyway enough of the motivational speeches – this longline duster blazer from ASOS , I used to wear it non stop then I suddenly didn’t wear it anymore?! Thing is I’d either exhausted it completely or forgotten that I had it. Probably both? but it’s really nice to find a piece that you used to love and rekindle that love haha. You feel me?

I went with an all black longline ensemble with my Adidas x Raf Simons as the focus of my outfit.
What do you think?