Photography – Tom Buck (Instagram/Website)
Hoodie – Represent*
Hey guys! how’s it going? I was back in Manchester last weekend and had a look through some of my old clothes and found this oversized vintage bomber jacket, you know I don’t know why I stopped wearing it because it’s awesome! it’s also reversible with orange lining?! It was from the vintage section in Topman ages ago but it’s a pretty Classic in terms of bomber jackets. it’s like a replica of the MA-1 flight jacket , it’s padded out like the Michelin man so when you wear it you feel really warm and cosy but this can actually be quite off putting, it definitely can’t be worn in the summer.
Also a new addition to my wardrobe is the Timberland boots that I’m wearing here , the lovely people over at Timberland sent me an early Christmas present and I love them to bits. I’ve never owned a pair of Timbs before and after wearing them for 2 days straight I can honestly say they’re already really comfy which is surprising because I thought it would be like wearing in a pair of Dr.Martens but it’s not at all!
Anyway I’m on my way to Winter Wonderland now so I’ll catch you in a bit!