Dutty Dutty

Baseball Jacket – Ryan Vintage
Le New Big Tee – American Apparel
Biker Jeans – New Look
Studded Dr.Martens – Ebay

I feel like i’m travelling the country at the moment, next stop is Nottingham for my friends birthday, i can’t wait to see all of my friends ^___^ i am feeling like i’m always busy though with work and university, when i do get time to relax i just end up in a pool of my own thoughts and just want to curl up in bed and be comfy (with a certain someone). Eh eh.

I should be getting a package in the next couple of days off a certain website that i can’t wait to show you guys! ^__^

The Blog shop has been going well, i keep updating it so keep checking it out here!

Ps. I keep thinking about Halloween and my dream costume, i wish i was rich ;'(