Metallic Jewel Patch Hoodie – KTZ / Biker Jeans – Yesstyle /
 Chain Sandals – Givenchy / 4 Card Tee – KTZ 
This is the best hoodie i’ve ever owned, black and silver with metallic patches and so big/comfortable It’s going to keep me so warm in winter too. I’m kind of obsessed with KTZ, streetwear luxe nailed right on the head and every collection is so interesting with so much detail. Obviously the Givenchy chain sandal are my summer favourite right now along with my FANG birkenstocks from my last post. I look like I’m floating in one of these pictures I have no idea what I was doing obviously some freaky stuff going on. And when my hood is up I feel like some sort of dark evil wizard from the middle ages thats gonna cast spells on anyone wearing a bucket hat. (hate them so much pls I need help).  
I went out for one of my best friends 21st birthdays last night so excuse me if my writing is a bit off………….
like it’s even ever on? haha. Actually I get to this bit of the blog post and talk about the clothes a bit but I never know what else to say so just babble on about my life. 
meh. I wanna see how to train your dragon 2 but no one wants to see it with me and boyfriend is away for two weeks, is it worth the cinema trip? Anybody?!