Drinking in L.A.

‘Oatmeal’ Hooded Sweatshirt – American Apparel
Le Big Pocket Tee – American Apparel
Biker Joggers – Asos
Red Leopard Creepers – Ebay
Rings – H&M, Ebay
Satchel & Foxtail – Ebay

Hey! So i didn’t get into the top 10 of the Bloggers Wardrobe Competition 🙁 ! But top 20 out of 150 blogs is pretty damn good i would say! ^___^ A big thank you to all my readers and anyone that helped me out on facebook! Kind of glad it’s over tbh because now i can stop bugging people to ‘like’ stuff! Haha

I had such a nice weekend with my friend, you can still see the sand on my creepers from when we went to the beach :’) Happy Joel! This is what i wore to University today, infact i’m on my lunch right now i’ve got to go back soon U___U ‘

For people that asked what show i was going to help out on check out their website here ! Bol$hie is an amazing brand run by Rhiannon Jones, the show looked amazing! Such a good collection!

In other news, i’m thinking of ordering a new pair of shoes :3 but i really need trousers/pants! Decisions decisions…..

Leave a link to your blog or a blog you like so i can check it out! 🙂