Dont Wake Me Up

Snapback – Chicago Bulls
Rottweiler Sweater – Givenchy
Acid wash denim shorts – Topman
Studded Loafers – Christian Louboutin Replicas
Cross Necklace – Tutuha
Cardigan – Uniqlo
Tee – Care Bears
Skirt – Bodyline
Teddy Bear Trainers – Jeremy Scott x Adidas
Dodo’s Blog

Studded backpack & Foxtail – Ebay 
Fish Keyring – Katie Eary

Last month Me and Dodo spent the day around Oxford circus, Dodo treated me to an Oreo milkshake (the best kind of milkshake ever :’) )then we visited our friend Ananya at the KTZ shop finally heading to Selfridges (see here)! 

I miss being in London so much, i can’t wait for september when i head back down south! I am enjoying Manchester though! Everythings just alot slower up here.
I recently upgraded to an Iphone 4S ( i know the 5 is gonna be out soon but my blackberry was on the verge of death and this Iphone was free! ^_^ and i get Unlimited minutes/Unlimited Texts!) I just couldn’t say no! 

Anyways check out my instagram, i’m not quite sure how to link you to my profile as it’s all mobile – my username is Gallucks
but here is a link to one of my photos! 
How’s everyone doing?!