Baseball Jacket – Ryan Vintage
Death Is Not The End Tee – Oh Hell
Biker Jeans – New Look
Creepers – Ebay
Studded Backpack & Foxtail – Virginblak

I only ever wear my Creepers, Dr.Martens or vans, i need to wear my other shoes! but because i just go in-between University, Work and Home, i feel like my other shoes are too nice to wear to these places O_O. But then i think, will i ever have anywhere to wear these shoes to?

Anyway haha, i would like some new jeans/trousers as my ASOS Biker Joggers have a gigantic hole in them, they lasted about a year which is alright for a £20 pair of jogging bottoms, but i think something more substantial is in order.

I’m in the process of finishing my Uni work and sorting out everyones Christmas presents, i can’t wait to break up for Christmas, i can just drive back to Manchester see my friends, boyfriend and family then just climb into my big double bed and sleep for a few days.