Disney Roller Girl? Who?

Last one i promise! DisneyRollerGirl is an anonymous industry insider with leigons of fans and dead-on style observations. I’d never even heard of her until i saw this video! Ahwell i’m clearly not on the ball! She brings up some interesting points and i seem to buy the same publications as her, check out her blog! All i know is i can think of many more independant bloggers who have far more interesting blogs to me who dont get enough recognition, it’s all about personal preference. Richard Nicoll is a young designer working with Fred Perry and Cerruti. I think as Fashion is changing constantly and so quickly that experience in the industry isn’t an important factor, obviously it’s great and amazing for an individual to have experience but just like fashion if you do things the same every season, you’re only going to get the same results, i think experience in the industry can be a hinderance aswell as a bonus. Just something to think about!