Hey everyone! Because I’ve been doing my youtube vlogs every week it feels awhile since I’ve written an update on here! I borrowed

my friend Olivias wide brim fedora hat again because It’s awesome, probably have to get my own soon haha. The classic duster keeps being my go – to coat simply because it’ so long and lightweight. With the weather getting a bit colder though I think i’ll have to start wearing my parka all the time.

I’ve been eyeing up some leather jackets but not made the leap yet. It always takes me moths before I actually decide on buying something. I’ve been looking at biker/aviator jackets and there are some great ones out there, I just cant’ decide.
What’ve you guys been up to? Have a chat with me! or ask me some questions 🙂 I might make a Q&A video if I get enough questions. I’ve had a lot of requests on a video about getting an internship – I could talk forever about this but I feel to lighten it up a bit it would be good to answer some other questions too 🙂 
what do you think?!