Deja Vu

Striped Longsleeve Tee – Yesstyle
Acid Wash Denim Shorts – Topman
Red Leopard Creeepers – Ebay
Studded Backpack – Virginblak
Foxtail – Ebay

I’ve been on a nice weekend away! Sorry for the lack of posting, here’s what i wore last friday before i left 🙂 This indian summer is still happening and i’m growing to like it now.
I’ve got loads of things planned for the next few weeks so im really excited, going to order my halloween costume soon too ^__^

Tonight i went to a Nicki Minaj party, everyone had to dress as nicki minaj, I’m sure i’ll have pictures to put up soon :’) me, Amy and Lucy wore Pink, Blue and Green wigs! We were a ‘Minaj-a-trois’ if you will haha. It was good fun but now i need to crawl into bed and die for afew hours until i have to get up and go into university.

Hope you’re okay! And Hey new followers ^__^