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foxtails – ebay

Blitzed out my room the other day, i got rid of all the crap, it’s amazing how much better i feel in a tidy room where every things in the right place. I bleached my roots out this week aswell, having yellow hair for 2 or 3 days is funny because people thought i had dyed it that colour but it was just the in-between process, i put a lilac and a bit of green dye on some ends to see what happened! You cant really see it but ahwell. Planning to play around with the colour of my foxtails soon, something more summery? I made a DIY afew weeks ago where i studded a shirt but i had to take them all off for a performance so i will have to remake it and document it this week, one week of uni left until easter then i get to go back to MANCHESTER! Hurrah, i miss all my mancunian friends so much although i do love it down here also. Summer is well on its way and i might have to start wearing ……… summer clothes? BAH. and just a thank you to anyone who reads my blog, i reached 23,000 hits the other day! Anything you’d like to see more of or any requested DIY’s just let me know here.