D-I-Y Day

I Ordered this pack of studs off ebay a few weeks ago and today they were just staring at me! So I decided to pick out a piece of clothing that I like but don’t wear a lot any more. I love doing this because I get to reinvent my favourite clothes! I Chose a deep red hoodie that I picked up for 4 pound from a haberdashery shop in Manchester. Next I got a Screw driver because it was the only heavy duty fine pointed metal thing in my grasp haha, you’re better off with pliers!

I Decided to put my studs on the Kangaroo pouch pocket. You push each individual stud through and then push each of its legs back on itself, make sure they’re really shoved down so the stud clings onto the fabric!

Keep studding the material until you’re happy! I Love my new hoodie and can’t take it off! I might wear it out tonight with a jacket, I’ll post a picture soon! Hope you enjoyed my studding 101 and would like to see lots of people D-I-Y ing their own pieces!

Life & Death,