Crew Love

Leather Biker Jackets – My friend Emmas ^_^ eh eh
Silk Tee – Givenchy
Black Skinny Jeans – Topshop
Pinky Ring – Gift
So i’ve been in London for 2 Days now and i start interning at Katie Eary (here) tomorrow! Literally cannot contain my excitement and cannot thank Katie enough for giving me this oppourtunity.Yesterday it was my birthday, since i was in London away from my family etc. my friend Emma prepared me the cutest birthday meal and then took me to a Ukelele evening at the Queen of Hoxton. It was such a nice and relaxed day! Being 20 however is horrible. 
I can’t wait to let you guys know how interning goes, living in London for the next month etc!
I seriously need to catch up on everyones blogs, leave a comment linking me to your blog and i’ll check it out. ^__^