Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Comparing yourself to others is something that happens quite regularly, all the time in any profession from people you’ve never met to even the closest of friends. It’s a slippery slope and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. In the digital world it’s even easier to fall into this trap with literal numbers next to your name, digits and icons depicting just how much you’re ‘worth’. It’s extremely unhealthy and it’s something you mustn’t do because at the end of the day the only person you’re hurting is yourself.


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Unfair Comparison

The first thing you have to remember when thinking about social media comparisons is that you’re looking at the best bits, the highlights of someone’s life and we all know that it’s not the reality – it’s unfair to look at your whole life and compare it to someone’s ‘best moments’. Take a minute and really think – you don’t know what their journey was really like or what’s behind the images. Be happy for other peoples success and support the people you love.


Short Lived Ego Boost

Comparing yourself can go two ways, and if for one second you think you’re better than anyone else on this earth then you have to take a step back and re-evaluate your own life. You might take to comparing yourself to be better than someone and that’s really not ok. We’re all just people and everyone should be treated equally no matter where you work, who you know or how many followers you have. I’ve had people change the way they act towards me once they find out I have X amount of Instagram followers or X amount of YouTube Subscribers and it’s so disappointing because it really shows that individual up for being fake.


It accomplishes nothing

Wishing that your life was like someone else’s or that you could do the things that another does is not going to help you achieve these things. Look at is as inspiration rather than comparing yourself and work towards your own goals and your own achievements because they’re what really count when it comes to you. You owe it to yourself.



I’ve met people that can get very upset over comparing themselves to other people and it’s really not worth it, if something is making you unhappy then treat it like venom and extract the poison from your life. You really don’t need negativity around. The only thing that this is doing is damaging your own drive and confidence.

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Be Confident in Yourself

Everyones journey is different and you have accept that to be able to grow. Be aware of others around you but stop yourself from comparing all the time. You are your own individual and no one can do anything the same way that you do it. It can be especially difficult in the blogging industry when numbers could mean a particular brand wont work with you or they end up going with another blogger etc but persevere and trust in your individuality and be confident of your own work – there will be many more jobs in the future all you can think is that it was their loss, not yours. Think of all the amazing things you’ve achieved in your life so far, celebrate others success and work hard at your own.


I hope this post has given you some help to not compare yourself to others and to carry on working hard at your own hopes and dreams. Thank you for stopping by and if you do have any questions just ask in the comments below.