Come Back Home

Feather Earring – H&M

I have been intoxicated for pretty much the entire weekend, tonight was my night off, i don’t want to drink until the annual beer race at my university on next saturday. Lets see if this happens? Thought i’d share with you my spring time feather earring, i’ve not had chance to wear it yet, i think it needs to get a bit hotter outside. All clothes are annoying me recently, there is nothing i want to purchase, nothing makes me excited so i’ve started planning out my own clothes haha, working on a print at the moment! I made the BEST DIY Shirt the other day also, i’ll post a picture this week! I’ve been living in my American Apparel camel hoody but since VICE magazine sent me an AA gift card, i think i can purchase a new colour now, i have no idea which one though. GAH. Back to watching The Big Bang Theory and contemplating life.