Explosion Tee – Virginblak
Acid wash Denim Shorts – Topman
Studded Dr.Martens – Ebay

It’s a lazy sunday afternoon and it’s such nice weather out. I’ve been watching Mary Shelleys Frankenstein for my Romanticism module and it’s creeping me out haha, quite inspiring though and interesting to see what people used to think about dissection and the manipulation of life.I ordered a much needed laptop case the other day and now that i’ve got a bit of money i’m looking at what essentials i need for the colder months, i already know that i need something to wear in the rain U_U. It’s proving difficult to find something nice. haha. (any suggestions are welcome!)

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy with University work and seeing friends etc. but i’m trying to post as much as possible ^__^ and saving up for a new DSLR!

I try and reply to all comments and check out everyones blogs so leave a link for me! ^__^