Bomber /College Jacket – Versace x H&M

So i went to London on wednesday night to see one of my best friends Tori ^__^ we went to Wagamama for dinner and had a lovely walk around London in the freezing cold, i have an outfit post for that but i was too excited to post about this jacket!

On the Thursday morning i went to the Versace and H&M Launch, i got into Oxford Circus for 8am, guys didn’t have to queue or get a wristband or anything so i just waited outside of the door, i feel like there should have been more organisation for the mens collection as everyone rushed through the door at 9, by the time i got in, most of the stock was gone, it was madness. People were picking up piles of clothes, even if they didn’t want them! As there was no purchase limit on the mens collection.

All of the Bomber jackets were gone and i could have cried, i was genuinely gutted as that’s what i got up so early for! A woman then told us that there were none left! As i was grabbing some other items for friends, i saw a H&M Manager with afew jackets in his hands handing them out! He lifted up the last one and me and another girl went to grab it, i tugged it from her grasp, i wasn’t travelling all this way, getting up this early, for nothing. But yeah ^__^ I love this jacket so much, it’s not the fact that it’s Versace for H&M, it’s just the design, the print, the material is so soft and it kept me warm all day!

I hear lots of people complaining about the Versace collection at H&M, but i think it’s a wonderful collaboration, i love H&M and the fact that it’s designed by Versace really changes things up. I think it’s a great collection, if people want real Versace they can go and buy it, it’s a completely different thing.

I got street-styled afew times around London so i’ll post any pictures that i find ^__^ I hope they bring out some mens stuff for their collaboration in February.