The Cipher

Oversized Pocket Tee – American Apparel

Leopard shorts – Ebay

Creeper Boots – Ebay

Double ring – H&M

Showing off my new Creeper boots that i bagged for £21 on Ebay! *angels sing* considering they’re in mint condition and on the Underground shoes website for around £80 I think i got a bargain. Do you like my photobooth futuristic/fantasy adventure? I got the background image from the girls at DI$COUNT ‘s tumblr! The reason for this post is explained below!

One of my favourite blogger is Wendy from Panache-halloweentown! If you check out her most recent post she’s asked her readers to go on their own adventure using photobooth or anything you like to contribute to an Artwork that she’s working on! So here is my contribution. 🙂

If you go on your own photobooth adventure then make sure you show Wendy! 🙂