White Airtex Duffel Bag – ASOS
I’ve recieved afew comments regarding the Katie Eary T-shirts being sold on my ebay, i just want to say that i am selling them on behalf of Katie Eary, i do not control the prices etc. I receive no money from sales they are just being sold through my ebay account. Some people thought i had been given them and was then selling them on, this is not the case!

You can find the T-shirts Here!

Yesterday my friend Tilly came to visit me in London and go shopping! We started our day exploring Brick lane and it’s many vintage/secondhand shops. After awhile these shops all start to look similar and some have a very strange smell….Moving down the lane we encountered some amazing shops like SHOP172, SICK and i had to take Tilly into LIK+NEON where they have cats running around the shop!  ^_^
After seeing some Pearly Kings and Queens of Lambeth (see here , they were amazing.) We headed to Oxford Circus for a much needed trip to Topshop,Urban Outfitters and Selfridges.Topshop and Urban Outfitters clothes are all so overpriced and most of it wed seen earlier on in some way shape or form at the vintage shops down Brick Lane. I’d never been into the Selfridges in London but it was incredible, i think i’d need to spend a whole day in there to fully appreciate it. After drooling over the current mens Givenchy collection we headed home, i think we’d been shopping for 8 hours in total? 
Oh and the ASOS Airtex bag, my friends got it me for my birthday ^_^ it’s so nice! I got lots and lots of compliments on it throughout the day which is always a bonus!

Hope everyone is okay and having a good weekend!