Chilli Banana

Chilli Banana – Wilmslow
To celebrate my sisters birthday we visited Chilli Banana, a Thai restaurant in Wilmslow. It used to be in a different location and we came to eat quite a lot but we’d not been in awhile and found out that it had moved and its new home is beautiful. The interior was modern yet comfortable, they sat us in a booth which puts a bonus on any dining experience. 
I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t suffer from Coeliac disease, well not yet anyway… *fingers crossed* so any gluten//wheat ingredients are a no no, this usually becomes a problem in most restaurants but the staff in here knew exactly what ingredients were in what. They came over and explained what my family could and couldn’t eat and provided gluten free substitutes in some dishes or made it without the glutenous ingredients. 
We chose the lunchtime special which is £11.95 for two starters and a main so between 3 of us that was 6 starters and a main each. My eyes lit up at the thought of devouring all that food haha. I love Thai because it has a lightness to it that other cuisines don’t seem to have? Like after the meal I feel full but not so full that I want to lie down with my food baby and have a nap. 
The Gluten free dishes we had were satay chicken skewers, fish cakes, minced chicken salad, king prawns and I got a coconut and chicken soup with some prawn toast (which came in the form of deep fried balls with sweet chilli dip). It reminds me of dim sum, having loads of little dishes to share, I love it so much, if you follow me on instagram you’ll probably know that dim sum is my favourite meal of all-time. 
Then obviously we all had some kind of Pad-Thai for our main course, light and refreshing I felt so satisfied with our meal, followed by complimentary coffee or jasmin tea.  
I’ve been to a lot of Thai restaurants all over the country and Chilli Banana is definitely one of the best that me, my friends and family always go back to. 
They also have restaurants in liverpool and macclesfield so if you’re ever up in the north-west of England you know where to go for your Thai fix.