Longline White Shirt -ASOS / Longline Sweater – ADYN / Camera Backpack – Charlmonix*/
Zip Skinny Jeans – Virginblak / Platform Brogues – eBay/ Rings – Joshua Halls*
I received this camera bag from Charlmonix last week, I’d been looking for a camera bag that I could actually wear around out (the one that came with my camera is hideous) so when Charlmonix emailed me I was really up for working with them. Their logo is awesome, the colours are great, it has so many pockets and can fit everything in, even my tripod. I’ts great for when I’m wanting to take my camera into Manchester or London city centres. I usually just throw my camera into my leather rucksack with no protection at all and I just dread to think what could happen to it in there…. haha. I used my step dads Canon 400d as a prop haha, do you have a camera bag that you like to use?
 If not Charlmonix might be the answer. 
The platform brogues I’ve had for nearly a year now and I’ve worn them to death, I used white trainer paint on the sole and it’s scuffed onto the black upper of the shoe so I think it’s time to get some new ones soon. I love the ASOS longline range and longline shirt x sweater work perfectly together. If you’ve read some of my previous posts you’ll know that I think longline should be the new norm haha. 
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I received these in the post today. My friend Zack showed me a screenshot of them weeks ago and after never getting a pair of the Nike Air Max Liquid metal pack. I made it my mission to cop a pair when they got released, finally the boys at End Clothing sorted me out with a pair!