WAR Long Sleeve – Long Clothing / Faux Leather Cap – ASOS / Longline Sweater – ADYN /
 Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman / Silver Knuckle Ring – OS Accessories/ Ponyskin Zip up creeper – Underground (ASOS) 
I’m currently mourning over the death of my social life. Just kidding I think I’m being a bit over dramatic about living up north for a couple of months haha. I received this tee from LONG clothing this week (here), Its’ print is reflective which is awesome, It’s not like reflective material sewn in its just printed on reflective-ness! They’ve got loads of great tees which are all long and oversized with black and white graphics – pretty much my dream brand. Long sleeves tees are great too because you can layer on top of it with another short sleeve. Now I just need the weather to stop incinerating me when I leave the house, If it was just a bit colder I could wear so much more of my wardrobe haha.
I’ve been craving a really long skirt for awhile now so I took one of my long sweaters and tied it around the front, I’m enjoy the warlock/wizard vibes. Someone once described my style as neo-medieval and I think that is kinda true haha. Maybe watching Game Of Thrones and Star Wars too much have made me into some kind of future/goth/warlock? 
I updated my blog sidebar with links to past posts/most popular and re-added the google friend connect follower section, I think I had a phase of really cleaning up my blog but I realised recently that some of my readers were unable to follow me which is sad because I love talking to people about stuff ^___^ haha. So if you want to then talk to me! 
Anyway hows everyones weekend going? 
I’ve just started to watch Orange Is the New Black and I’m loving it :3.

PS. Lol at my face in all of these pictures.