Calvin Klein Denim Series

In Collaboration with Calvin Klein
Hey Guys! How’s it going? I’ve been really excited to share this outfit with you guys! I don’t know if you’ve seen my YouTube videos where at the end I mention that I’ve been working with a big brand recently well I’ve been a busy bee putting together looks using the new Calvin Klein Jeans Denim Series. The Collection is fronted by Kendall Jenner and is a set of minimal essentials for everyones wardrobe. Calvin Klein is already the only underwear brand that I wear and when I saw this collection I fell in love. The denim shorts are my favourite because they’re so flattering, I’m pretty much going to be wearing them all summer. All of the tees and jumpers are unisex and available in longer lengths too (considering longline are the only tees that I buy anymore). One thing that surprised me was how useful the backpack is, you can’t see inside but it has extra pockets and a laptop sleeve and again is great for summer. I can imagine taking it on a vacation to LA or something because it’s so lightweight. 
The collection is available online from CalvinKlein.com ,in Selfridges and the Regent Street Calvin Klein Jeans store. Please ask me if you have any questions either in the comments section or on my Instagram @Gallucks !