Call your girlfriend

Today I’m flying to Magaluf in Spain for 2 weeks vacation, here are some webcam outfit posts I’d been trying out over the past few weeks! I’ts raining and horrid in england at the moment so I can’t wait to get to the sunny beaches of majorca! (Hopefully it will be sunny aha) I’ve got factor 50 though because I’m extremely fair skinned and burn easily, I feel like a vampire. Anywho… I have my disposable camera at the ready and can’t wait to post up my holiday snaps when I return! If this is the first time reading my blog, how about reading through all my old posts so when I return you feel up to scratch!? This is all posted using my blackberry so if there are any typos or the HTML comes out weird I apologise! See you in 2 weeks! Let’s hope passport control don’t take away my sharp rings 🙁