Photography by Tom Buck (Instagram/Website)
Black Longline Shirt – River Island (sold out)*
Hey everyone! I’m currently on a train from Stockport to Nottingham – I’ve had a week off work to spend some time with my boyfriend and friends. I’ve had such a nice time – it’s really nice to get out of London for a bit too. I’ve really had a chance to just relax. I feel like since I started work just before Christmas it’s been kind of non stop. Blogging is a hobby of mine but it’s slowly turning into a second job! 
Anyway that’s enough about my personal life haha – It’s so funny if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that on this day at work last week both me and my friend Olivia wore near enough the exact same outfit. I did buy the exact same Fedora as her and we both have a grey distressed jumper, we both love docs too. We didn’t even plan it, it just happened! haha. You can see that picture here. 
I got these Docs the other week from ASOS and at first I was a bit unsure about them, you can see my thoughts on them in my YouTube Haul video here. I’m so used to having my GRASP boot that this sole seemed really thin? when in actual fact this is just a regular Dr.Martens sole and my GRASP one is super thick. They’re the Pascal type and the leather is so soft, they’re sort of instantly comfy? However some of the leather is so soft that near the toe section where the tongue meets the boot on the inside, the leather folds over and causes my foot a lot of pain… I just have to watch out how I put the boot on and make sure that piece of leather is lying the right way.
What do you think of these Docs?! 
Have a great weekend everyone – I’m spending mine in Nottingham with a few of my friends who have just handed in their dissertations! So I think it will be a good one. 
speak soon!